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Specialists in web design, SEO and social media campaigns. Based in Blackpool, UK.

Business relaxation

Is it possible to have time off if you are running your own business? This often depends on how good you are at delegating and how much you trust your staff. Time off and being able to relax is essential. You have to look after yourself physically, mentally and spiritually so you can be at the top of your game to give your business every chance of success. Go for a walk, get an early…
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Affordable Web Design

Whatever your budget our aim is to work with any business. From sole traders to large corporations. Our team of web developers, seo experts and graphic designers can produce excellent work and have years of experience in the industry. Give us a chance to meet with you face to face to see if we can start a superb working relationship. From business cards to full ecommerce websites we can produce solutions that will be a…
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Laughter in Business

Is it possible to have fun at work? The answer usually depends upon who you work with. If you are fortunate to work in a job you don’t hate and you work with mostly positive, fun people then it should follow that you will be reasonably happy in the workplace and have some laughs. Laughter is a sunbeam of the soul. Try your best to have fun at work no matter what you do. If…
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Use The Force

I remember the first time I watched Star Wars. Wow! I was totally blown away. One of the main themes in Star Wars is the choice you can make between using your personal power for good or for evil. The dark side or the light. I am definitely no Jedi but today I choose the light and try my best to use the force (my personal power) to do good. For my family, friends and…
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Unleash your potential

What is our true potential? I would say it is pretty much limitless. Humankind has done incredible and extraordinary things over the years – we have built airplanes, gone to the Moon and Mars, figured out some of life’s mysteries and achieved things previously thought impossible. If you are in business what is your potential? You may have lofty goals and some will say they are unachievable or may doubt you. I would say strive…
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